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Modern Minimalist Dressing Table for Bedroom with Beautiful Stool

High Quality Simple Dressing Table

Buy new stylish Nordic Dressing Table for bedroom with best stool. This dressing table manufactured by KEDUODUO and give economical stool. The best choice is placed in small apartment bedroom.

60 cm$815.62 + shipping charges
70 cm$830.62 + shipping charges
80 cm$840.62 + shipping charges
90 cm$850.62 + shipping charges
100 cm$860.62 + shipping charges
120 cm$870.62 + shipping charges
Size60*45*75, 70*45*75, 80*45*75, 90*45*75, 100*45*75, 120*45*75

Product Description

In your apartment, bathroom, wardrobe or hall can be used the dressing table and stool. It can also be used as a table or a desk for learning. This beautiful dressing table and mirror offers you the ideal dressing table and is an imaginative way to start your day.

  • Multifunctional dressing table can be used as a desk if you remove the top of your Vanity Make-up Table set. This is a dual-use vanity package that is super versatile.
  • LED strips lighted mirror make your make-up look fantastic from every angle. Our table set is comfortable, robust, stable, durable, beautiful. Make-up table of good quality.
  • Easy to assemble and clean and easy to mount and light with detailed instructions and easy cleaning.
  • High Quality Material: Made from e1 degree high-density particle board, smooth surface is easy to clean and water resistant.
  • Saving Space: This Sleek Corner Dressing Table With Mirrors And Drawers Package is a space-saving and space-saving victory. Ample storage space will save you more space, store your cosmetics, accessories and other everyday needs.
  • Material: New, stable, sturdy and elegant, the complete Vanity table collection.
  • Large mirror surface: easy to use, stable lens support and shake-free.
  • High temperature bakery process: manual soldering, full solder joint, robust and stable, load-bearing strong anti-roust high-temperature painting.
  • Large Storage Space: Use huge storage capacity and 3 drawing design to divide open storage to expand floor space.
  • Sturdy Framework: strong and long lasting scientific design, uniform strength, stronger bearing.

Key Features

  • Product: Dressing Table
  • Color: Goldan
  • Product Items: dressing table + stool + mirror + storage cabinet
  • Material: Metal
  • Style: simple, fashionable, modern, European
  • Size: 60*45*75, 70*45*75, 80*45*75, 90*45*75, 100*45*75, 120*45*75
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